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Full Body Ultrasounds

The full body ultrasound that we perform at our clinic is different than most ultrasounds.  It is a technology out of Sweden with the goal of identifying early signs of cancer before the person even knows that there is a problem.  The ultrasound will identify abnormalities in all of the organs including: plaque in the arteries, on the heart walls, in the abdominal aorta and in the peripheral arteries; thyroid; pancreas; gallbladder; liver; spleen; gut; kidneys; breasts, uterus/ovaries; prostate.  Not only are we able to look at the organs structurally, we can tell if they are stressed and need support or detoxification.  There is also a thermogram-like technology in the ultrasound wand in which we can identify abnormal blood flow patterns that may indicate early cancer cell division.  The ultrasound wand is also able to break up kidney stones.  By determining structure, function and normal blood flow, this therapy is a great way to stay ahead of your health!

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