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We are naturopathic doctorate-prepared RNs with a mission of empowering our clients through education and assisting them in balancing their bodies for maximum health and function.

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Monica Jaynes

ND, MSN, RNC, CCT, Certified Ozone Therapist, Certified BioScan Therapist

My interest in natural health started in 1975 after my two daughters were born. Both of my girls had some unusual health issues including asthma, allergies, repeated tonsillitis, and other viral and bacterial infections. As a mother, of course my main interest was in feeding my children a healthy diet. As they grew, we faced many challenges as a family regarding their health. However, in search for answers to their health issues, I learned more and more about nutrition. My career as a Registered Nurse was inspired by my desire to help people be well and my interest in nutrition and families. I continued my studies by completing my Masters of Science in Nursing and was board-certified as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Helping babies integrate into their families will always have a special place in my heart. In 2010, a very close family member was told by her medical doctor that she had cancer. She had surgery, but was very hesitant to undergo chemo, as her body was very sensitive and she was often weakened by various illnesses. Her diagnosis prompted me to research more into natural health. About the same time, one of my grandchildren also had some serious health challenges. Both of these experiences, as well as the Lord’s leading, prompted my daughter and me to embark on several different methods of study into healing the weakened body. For the past six years, we have studied under some of the most prominent men and women in the natural healing and integrative medicine arena. We are very appreciative of all of those who have shared their experiences and their lives with us in this process. In October 2014, my daughter and I graduated from Trinity School of Natural Health with our Doctor of Naturopathy degree. We are members of the Pastoral Medical Association as well, both entities being based on the Christian faith. The Lord led us to start our natural health practice in the Rockwall area, and we feel very blessed. We have faith that He will continue to lead us, as we are His instruments to help all of His people as they come our way.

Julie Clowers

ND, MSN, RNC, CCT, Certified Ozone Therapist, Certified BioScan Therapist

I come from a family with immune deficiencies and chronic infections. When traditional allopathic medicine failed to resolve our chronic issues and side effects, I searched for alternative therapies.  Our family changed our lives by ridding our diet of any processed foods and focusing on clean meats and non-GMO, organic foods. We then began homeopathic and herbal remedies, eventually weaning off all chemical prescriptive medications. I dove into educating myself about many alternative therapies and receiving certifications for advanced therapies. My husband and I  began a pesticide- and chemical-free farm just east of the metroplex. There we raise animals on non-GMO, non-soy and non-corn diets. Our chickens, goats, cattle, pigs, dogs and cats are healthy, happy and stress-free. Our animals are raised in the pasture, the way God intended. God has led me down this incredible road, and it is my privilege to honor Him in all that I do.

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